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[ALL] Jan 11, 2013

Award Show bets: Now available!

For the first time, you can now bet on the biggest movie award show with ALC! Bet on who you think will win lead actor, actress, supporting, or which movie will come out on top. These bets will be available on our PRO∙LINE FUTURES product up until the big night: February 24th.

You can play PRO∙LINE FUTURES two ways: 1) At your local Atlantic Lottery retail store, or 2) Online with your account at To play, pick the FUTURES group you want to play – each group will correspond to an award like Best Supporting Actor. Then pick which nominee you think will win. We have set odds based on the likelihood of each selection winning, which you will see next to each nominee on the FUTURES list. Once you make your pick, choose your wager amount – the amount you can win will be your wager amount multiplied by the odds of your pick. (for more on how to play PRO∙LINE FUTURES, click here)

Spice up awards night even more by having a little action on it. Get your PRO∙LINE FUTURES bets down in time for the big night February 24th, and enjoy the show!

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