2015 men’s U.S. Open betting preview

The fourth and final Grand Slam event of the tennis calendar is upon us as the U.S. Open kicks off Monday. We break down the men's side by taking a look at a favourite and an underdog to watch for the 2015 Championships.

Photo: USA TODAY Sports
Which Pro Hockey Team will win the Cup in 2015-2016?
Top Consensus Picks
# Sport Visitor Home Pick %
938 RUGBY Namibia Georgia H 100%
940 RUGBY Samoa Scotland H 94%
941 RUGBY Australia Wales V 94%
287 BBL - MOST STRIKEOUTS Ja. Arrieta Ge. Cole V 86%
284 BBL - TTL BASES Kr. Bryant An. McCutchen H 55%
# Sport Visitor Home Pick %
938 RUGBY Namibia Georgia H(-13.5 HS) 81%
940 RUGBY Samoa Scotland H(-9.5 HS) 79%
941 RUGBY Australia Wales V(6.5 HS) 79%
252 BASEBALL Chicago C Pittsburgh V(0.5 HS) 57%
937 RUGBY South Africa UnitedStates V(40.5 HS) 53%
# Sport Visitor Home Pick %
979 AMER FTB REG SEASON WINS New England Total Wins O(10.5) 89%
963 AMER FTB REG SEASON WINS Baltimore Total Wins O(8.5) 82%
961 AMER FTB REG SEASON WINS Arizona Total Wins O(8.5) 81%
985 AMER FTB REG SEASON WINS Pittsburgh Total Wins O(8.5) 79%
252 BASEBALL Chicago C Pittsburgh O(5.5) 77%
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