CFL Betting Preview: Alouettes at Roughriders

The Saskatchewan Roughriders, who were eliminated from playoff contention before Week 17, look to extend their winning streak Saturday when they host the Montreal Alouettes.

Photo: USA TODAY Sports
Which team will be crowned baseball's champion?
Top Consensus Picks
# Sport Visitor Home Pick %
626 COLLEGE FOOTBALL SanDiegoState Utah State V 100%
606 AMER. HOCKEY Cleveland Iowa V 100%
613 TENNIS - MENS SINGLES Da. Goffin Ma. Baghdatis V 95%
676 TENNIS - MENS SINGLES Ad. Mannarino Ja. Sock H 94%
685 TENNIS - WOMENS SINGLES Ag. Radwanska Ga. Muguruza V 94%
# Sport Visitor Home Pick %
566 AMERICAN FOOTBALL Washington Cincinnati H(-2.5 HS) 100%
569 AMERICAN FOOTBALL Kansas City Indianapolis V(2.5 HS) 100%
577 AMERICAN FOOTBALL Minnesota Chicago V(5.5 HS) 100%
619 CANADIAN FOOTBALL Calgary Montreal V(9.5 HS) 100%
627 COLLEGE FOOTBALL Air Force Fresno State V(13.5 HS) 100%
# Sport Visitor Home Pick %
579 PRO HOCKEY Florida Pittsburgh O(4.5) 100%
585 PRO HOCKEY Winnipeg Dallas O(5.5) 95%
606 AMER. HOCKEY Cleveland Iowa O(4.5) 93%
626 COLLEGE FOOTBALL SanDiegoState Utah State O(44.5) 90%
983 AMER FTB REG SEASON WINS New Orleans Total Wins O(6.5) 90%
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