Friday's NL betting cheat sheet
Brandon Phillips

Here are some quick-hitting betting notes for Friday's National League games.

Photo: Brandon Phillips
MOBILE List Jan 1, 2014
Which team is likely to emerge from the Western Conference and make the final round in this year’s hockey playoffs?
Los Angeles
San Jose
St. Louis
Top Consensus Picks
# Sport Visitor Home Pick %
491 SOCCER - ENGLISH Fulham Tottenham H 100%
496 SOCCER - ENGLISH Sunderland Chelsea H 100%
497 SOCCER - ENGLISH Liverpool Norwich V 100%
582 BKL PLAYER POINTS Za. Randolph Ser. Ibaka V 100%
521 AMER. HOCKEY Rochester Toronto H 100%
# Sport Visitor Home Pick %
541 BASEBALL Houston Oakland H(-0.5 HS) 100%
510 PRO BASKETBALL Brooklyn Toronto H(-2.5 HS) 95%
547 BASEBALL Arizona LosAngelesD H(-0.5 HS) 94%
543 BASEBALL Atlanta New York M V(0.5 HS) 94%
540 BASEBALL Cincinnati Chicago C V(0.5 HS) 93%
# Sport Visitor Home Pick %
514 PRO HOCKEY Chicago St. Louis O(4.5) 100%
589 PRO BASKETBALL Washington Chicago O(180.5) 100%
525 AMER. HOCKEY Grand Rapids Lake Erie U(5.5) 100%
526 AMER. HOCKEY Providence Worcester U(5.5) 100%
527 AMER. HOCKEY St Johns Portland O(5.5) 100%
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