French Open Betting: Women to watch

The French Open is underway in what is always the most wide-open of the four Grand Slams on the women’s side. That’s because Serena Williams has won it “only” twice, but she’s still going into it as the clear favourite.

Photo: USA TODAY Sports
Top Consensus Picks
# Sport Visitor Home Pick %
495 TENNIS - MENS SINGLES Gi. Muller Pa. Lorenzi V 100%
571 SOCCER - NORTH AMERICAN Colorado Seattle H 100%
573 SOCCER - NORTH AMERICAN RealSaltLake Los Angeles H 100%
584 SOCCER - ENGLISH Aston Villa Arsenal H 100%
656 TENNIS - MENS SINGLES Ma. Klizan Gi. Simon H 100%
# Sport Visitor Home Pick %
495 TENNIS - MENS SINGLES Gi. Muller Pa. Lorenzi H(2.5 HS) 100%
659 TENNIS - MENS SINGLES Do. Thiem Pa. Cuevas V(-2.5 HS) 100%
661 TENNIS - MENS SINGLES Ma. Granollers Ro. Federer H(-2.5 HS) 100%
664 TENNIS - WOMENS SINGLES Lu. Safarova Ku. Nara V(1.5 HS) 100%
592 BASEBALL Colorado Cincinnati H(-0.5 HS) 100%
# Sport Visitor Home Pick %
503 HKY - WIN SERIES Chicago Anaheim O(5.5) 100%
595 BASEBALL Kansas City New York Y O(7.5) 100%
593 BASEBALL Miami Pittsburgh O(6.5) 100%
502 HKY - WIN SERIES Tampa Bay New York R O(5.5) 93%
597 BASEBALL Philadelphia New York M O(7.5) 91%
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