NFL Betting Preview: Raiders at Chiefs

The Oakland Raiders are riding a six-game winning streak led by quarterback Derek Carr and head into an AFC West showdown with the host Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday night.

Photo: USA TODAY Sports
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What's your spread pick for Thursday Night Football?
Top Consensus Picks
# Sport Visitor Home Pick %
112 AMERICAN FOOTBALL Atlanta Los Angeles V 100%
117 COLLEGE FOOTBALL Navy Army V 100%
181 FTB-PASSING De. Carr Al. Smith KC V 100%
272 PRO HOCKEY Pittsburgh Florida V 100%
273 PRO HOCKEY Vancouver Tampa Bay H 100%
# Sport Visitor Home Pick %
117 COLLEGE FOOTBALL Navy Army V(6.5 HS) 100%
317 COLLEGE BASKETBALL Fordham St. John's H(-7.5 HS) 100%
321 COLLEGE BASKETBALL Tx Arlington St. Mary's H(-13.5 HS) 100%
115 AMERICAN FOOTBALL Dallas New York G V(2.5 HS) 90%
116 AMERICAN FOOTBALL Baltimore New England H(-6.5 HS) 90%
# Sport Visitor Home Pick %
116 AMERICAN FOOTBALL Baltimore New England O(45.5) 100%
265 SHORTEST TD SCORED - EITHER TEAM Oakland Kansas City U(1.5) 100%
300 BKL-TTL PLAYER POINTS De. DeRozan Total Points O(24.5) 100%
303 BKL-TTL PLAYER POINTS Da. Lillard Total Points O(25.5) 100%
295 PRO BASKETBALL San Antonio Chicago O(198.5) 100%
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