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Apr 17, 2015
Newfoundland and Labrador

Does anyone know why there is a tie option under moneyline for playoff hockey? I just won all four games last night, the only exception was that there was a tie in regular play but the Blackhawks did win after a shoot-out but still didn't receive the win..

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Jun 16, 2015
New Brunswick
Hi HockeyJock,

The PRO•LINE tie rule for hockey is set-up to be consistent in the regular season and the playoffs; all games are resulted based on the score at the end of regulation.

I've included a section of the rules for Hockey below for reference:

When a Player selects a hockey game for a Money Line selection, a Visitor Win means that the visiting team must win by one (1) or more goals; a Tie is a game which ends with each team having the same number of goals at the end of regulation time, before the overtime period; and a Home Win means that the home team must win by one (1) or more goals. All outcomes for a Money Line, Totals or Spreads selection do not include overtime or shootouts.

You can access the full rules page here:

Finally, I should note that if you'd like to play without the tie rules, you can always play our Stadium Bets offering.


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