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[FTB] Aug 12, 2017

NFL Betting Notes: Best ways to safely bet the preseason

By Gracenote

We break down the best ways to bet on the NFL preseason slate and provide you with informative notes on what to look out for during the August exhibition schedule.

Read everything

Research is everything for preseason betting. Find out how many snaps the first teamers will get, what the focal point of the offseason is - offence or defence - and wager accordingly. Also, keep an eye on camp injuries or how veteran players are treating the tune-up games.

A team that is trying to establish some momentum on the ground will likely run the ball a lot - therefore keeping the clock ticking and the final score Under the total. If a team is trying to fill roster spots in the secondary and is plugging in rookies and inexperienced player in its pass defence, than perhaps look at the other team to air it out and exploit those weaknesses.

QB depth

Much the way starting pitchers make up 90 percent of baseball wagering, quarterbacks hold a similar value when betting on the preseason. It's the most important position on the field and can single-handedly make or break your bets.

Finding a team with depth at quarterback is the key for success during the exhibition schedule. The No. 1 passer will likely only take a handful of snaps in the first two games of the preseason, turning the offence over to the backups.

New coaches and schemes

The preseason is summer school for many NFL teams transitioning their playbook, whether that be with a new head coach, coordinator or just an overall flip in the way they do things.

New head coaches aren't necessarily a red flag. They can often feel a little pressured to win in the preseason in order to impress the front office and fan base, which can give some teams added betting value. New coordinators, on the other hand, are working in different plays and schemes, which usually come with a learning curve.

Week to week

For those looking to bet the closest facsimile of Week 1 action during the preseason, you may want to pass on the first two weeks of exhibitions and save your marbles for Week 3. That's when starting players tend to log the most time, working the majority of the first half and sometimes into the third quarter.
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