NFL Top Matchups: A glance at Week 4

Each week, we break down some of the most intriguing matchups in the NFL, giving you an inside edge when gauging the schedule and placing your weekend wagers.

Photo: USA TODAY Sports
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What's your Spread Pick for Sunday Night Football?
Top Consensus Picks
# Sport Visitor Home Pick %
354 SOCCER - ENGLISH Liverpool Swansea V 100%
356 SOCCER - ENGLISH Chelsea Hull City V 100%
361 SOCCER - ENGLISH Southampton Leicester City H 100%
362 SOCCER - ENGLISH Arsenal Burnley V 100%
224 COLLEGE FOOTBALL C Florida EastCarolina H 100%
# Sport Visitor Home Pick %
108 AMERICAN FOOTBALL Tennessee Houston H(-4.5 HS) 100%
227 COLLEGE FOOTBALL Miami Georgia Tech V(6.5 HS) 100%
245 COLLEGE FOOTBALL Purdue Maryland H(-10.5 HS) 100%
259 COLLEGE FOOTBALL Kentucky Alabama H(-35.5 HS) 100%
262 COLLEGE FOOTBALL Rice S Mississippi H(-24.5 HS) 100%
# Sport Visitor Home Pick %
356 SOCCER - ENGLISH Chelsea Hull City O(2.5) 100%
362 SOCCER - ENGLISH Arsenal Burnley O(2.5) 100%
238 COLLEGE FOOTBALL Akron Kent State O(53.5) 100%
239 COLLEGE FOOTBALL Illinois Nebraska O(52.5) 100%
246 COLLEGE FOOTBALL Tennessee Georgia O(52.5) 100%
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